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For this project, we designed and developed a custom website for Canada-based Text My Property at The website is running on WordPress platform with a 100% customized theme that we created for them.

A list of features on the site:

  1. Fully customized WordPress theme – We began by designing each and every page of the website.  Upon approval of the fully designed website, we proceeded with development on the website server.
  2. Sign-up system – As this is a service-based website, we created a system for users to sign up for the service.  Each time a user signs up, the admin will be sent an email with all the information submitted by the user.
  3. Payment system – New users have the ability to pay for the service through PayPal or credit card.  We set up the site to allow users to pay and upon payment, they are bounced back to the website for a success message.
  4. Blog with Social sharing function – The client has the ability to write blog posts in the blog section and allow users to share via the bar of social media share buttons.  This allows for even more exposure of the site through social media.
  5. Homepage rotating banner – A great use of real estate, we installed a large rotating banner on the homepage to allow several messages to run all in one position without using up too much space.

View the website in action at:

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