Why is a Squirrel Cute and a Rat Ugly?

Have you ever thought about this?

Did you cringe when you saw the fellow on the right?

Squirrels and rats have SO much in common: small, brown fur, long tail… the list goes on and on… yet rats are so HATED.

So why are they on opposite ends of the ‘adorable’ spectrum?

Is it because rats are associated with trash? Well that can’t be the sole reason. In my opinion, it’s all a matter of presentation. Take the Ratatouille character, Remy, for instance:

Wow! As adorable as an animal can ever get! And he’s a …rat..? You see, Remy was sketched and designed in such a way that makes him super cute and objectively adorable. Presentation = super important. Apple simply isn’t as cool anymore with Tim Cook onstage filling Steve Jobs’s void (it’s a fact). Catch the parallel?

And that’s why we focus so heavy on design here at Geekwhat Design. Yes, it sounds sales pitchy but design truly is a super important factor in whether your business ends up on the ‘rat’ or ‘squirrel’ side.

Let us help you become Ratatouille Remy :)

What are your thoughts on squirrels and rats?

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