Try Something New Today!

I’m generally a late riser, but this morning I decided to rise and shine early.   What a great feeling to walk out on the street and experience the fresh morning air and warm sun on the face:

This photo was taken on the way to the office.  It’s like the street is smiling!  So my little note of inspiration to you this morning is:

Try something new today!

I’ve been waking up later most of the last month or so and I decided to try something new today — waking up to meet the morning sun.  It’s a wonderful feeling and I feel like I have such a big and productive day ahead of me :)

Sometimes we dread or are anxious of trying something new like:

  • That feeling right before going on a rollercoaster
  • Sleeping earlier / waking up earlier n the morning
  • Going for a morning jog

But it’s almost always the case that once you’ve actually taken the first step of doing it, you’ll feel totally revived and awesome (think about all three instances above).  So let’s do it!  :)

What new activity are you going to try?

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