Design Success Tips: Your Website Is Your 24/7 Sales Machine

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How is your website a.k.a. 24/7 sales machine doing?

Whether you like it or not, your website is your 24/7 Sales Executive.   Whenever we design a new website for our clients, we keep this principle in mind during the entire design process. It doesn’t matter what you sell, your website needs to represent your brand/image and present your business in the best light possible 24/7.

Similar to the traits of a real salesperson that represents your business, your website should at all times have these items covered:

  • Up to date — Whether through daily blogging or just periodic updates, your site should always look alive and updated. Nothing kills business more than a site with expired and useless info.
  • Networking tools — Social media sharing options such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus to allow visitors to share information on your website easily and quickly.
  • Call to action — Your website must serve a purpose (e.g. Sign up / Call us). Make it clear upon first impression.
  • Contact info — Should your visitor be the type that takes initiative, you must provide them a way to contact you immediately, whether it be via phone/email/address.
  • Memorable — The Internet is filled with millions (maybe billions) of pages. Your visitor should have some form of lasting impression after closing your website.

Any other traits to add to the list?

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