Design Success Tips: Why You Need A Facebook Landing Page

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We’ve been getting this question quite a bit recently:

What’s the point of having a Facebook landing page?

I respond by asking you what the point is of being prepared and getting cleaned up before meeting a new potential customer or business partner. The very same reason:

Makes sense to look your very best when greeting new customers, right?
(not to mention on a platform of 800,000,000+ users!)

What’s the first thing you do when you get on a computer? I’ll bet if it’s not your e-mail, it’s probably Facebook. Facebook is like a 24/7 mall that is always open, and your business page is one of the stores inside that mall.

Without a landing page with a proper greeting and introduction, it’s like your store is closed or no salesperson is standing in the front greeting people who pass by the front door.  Lame!

Just look at these two stores, one with a visible campaign and one without:

Which shop would you gravitate towards?


Which Facebook page do your eyes gravitate towards?

Basically the Facebook landing page is necessary to leave a strong impression and increase the amount of time a new visitor engages with your business. This is not to mention the importance of getting a high number of ‘Likes’ to increase the visibility and reputation of your business.

Some features that you can install directly on your landing page:

  • Email newsletter opt-in form
  • YouTube video gallery
  • Flash computer game
  • Photo gallery
  • Facebook/Twitter sharing
  • Poll and quiz
  • E-commerce shop
  • Profile banner design

Examples of successful Facebook landing pages:

Additionally, check out the Facebook landing pages we’ve designed for our rockstar clients.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us today with any questions and/or to get started.

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