Design Success Tips: How To Create a Successful Landing Page For Your Business (RIP Facebook Landing Pages)

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In a previous post done in November, we blogged about the advantages of a Facebook landing page. (If you want to check it out.) However, since Facebook implemented the Timeline in March, Facebook landing pages are no longer viable. The Timeline was executed by Facebook to make the platform more useful and friendly for profiles of Businesses, but sadly it led to the extinction of Facebook landing pages. While there are still ways to create landing pages on Facebook, it now has to be done via Facebook Applications; here is an article that goes more in to this claim. We no longer offer the service of designing/developing Facebook landing pages here at GWD, but we do design and develop landing pages aka sales landing pages for your website.

A landing page is a web page that viewers of an advertisement are directed to, and it offers a visually striking and informational extension of the advertisement. As our Creative Director says, “landing pages are an effective tool to provide very focused information on a product and funnel viewers to a call to action (in most cases, a “buy” button or e-mail address submission).” The part that makes landing pages unique and worth investing in is the fact that it has the potential to convert viewers into clients with the click of a button.

There are many sites and blogs that offer claims like  “BEST LANDING PAGE TEMPLATE”, “ULTIMATE LANDING PAGE TEMPLATE”, or even “LANDING PAGES FOR ALL YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES”. However, these sites/blogs are missing the major point of creating an effective landing page. A successful landing page must be unique to the product its selling. For example, a clothing store would not use a bookshelf to showcase its clothes, just as a bookstore would not use clothing racks to show case its books. Just the same, you should not use the same design for a landing page that sells product X for product A-Z.

When designing a landing page, we at Geekwhat Design take into consideration multiple factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Researching the market group of the product
  • Maintaining brand consistency via Color Scheme, typography selection, logo placement etc…
  • Maintaining company philosophy/culture through the sense of design
  • Abridging the endless text of descriptions and information on the company and the product into a thought-out summary that efficiently explains the product and the company

To summarize, there are various number of things that a landing page must take into account for it to be effective, and these factors cannot be considered by a simple landing page template. No company is alike from the next, why should the cyberspace you showcase your product be the same?

Here are a couple of examples of very unique and effective landing pages you’ve probably seen but didn’t realize:


2. (MacBook Pro landing page abridged)

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