Design Success Tips: Confidence is Half the Battle

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On my way to the office today, I saw a lot of people dressed in Halloween costumes. Given this is New York, there are tons of people wearing massively elaborate costumes to their 9-5 job. I love it.

One particular scene that really stood out to me was this:

Do you see what I see? No x-mas pun intended :) Notice the sitting woman in the Halloween costume. Do you see it now?

Zero confidence!

The costume she’s wearing is actually relatively elaborate and definitely stands out. It’s a good costume! But no confidence. It’s as if she is sitting in shame :( What a pity!

Bottom line: Confidence is half the battle in successful design. You can’t go out there with amazing design and be passive about it. No one’s going to be excited about your business if you don’t show excitement. If you’re going to dress up your business with design, go out and strut it in pride!  Of course there’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky.

Are you showing confidence in your business?

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