Try Something New Today!

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I’m generally a late riser, but this morning I decided to rise and shine early.   What a great feeling to walk out on the street and experience the fresh morning air and warm sun on the face:

This photo was taken on the way to the office.  It’s like the street is smiling!  So my little note of inspiration to you this morning is:

Try something new today!

I’ve been waking up later most of the last month or so and I decided to try something new today — waking up to meet the morning sun.  It’s a wonderful feeling and I feel like I have such a big and productive day ahead of me :)

Sometimes we dread or are anxious of trying something new like:

  • That feeling right before going on a rollercoaster
  • Sleeping earlier / waking up earlier n the morning
  • Going for a morning jog

But it’s almost always the case that once you’ve actually taken the first step of doing it, you’ll feel totally revived and awesome (think about all three instances above).  So let’s do it!  :)

What new activity are you going to try?

Design Success Tips: Confidence is Half the Battle

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We are Geekwhat Design, a web design firm with these services based in New York City. ‘Design Success Tips’ is a series of tips and tricks to guide you towards success with design for your business. Check out all our articles here.

On my way to the office today, I saw a lot of people dressed in Halloween costumes. Given this is New York, there are tons of people wearing massively elaborate costumes to their 9-5 job. I love it.

One particular scene that really stood out to me was this:

Do you see what I see? No x-mas pun intended :) Notice the sitting woman in the Halloween costume. Do you see it now?

Zero confidence!

The costume she’s wearing is actually relatively elaborate and definitely stands out. It’s a good costume! But no confidence. It’s as if she is sitting in shame :( What a pity!

Bottom line: Confidence is half the battle in successful design. You can’t go out there with amazing design and be passive about it. No one’s going to be excited about your business if you don’t show excitement. If you’re going to dress up your business with design, go out and strut it in pride!  Of course there’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky.

Are you showing confidence in your business?

Why is a Squirrel Cute and a Rat Ugly?

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Have you ever thought about this?

Did you cringe when you saw the fellow on the right?

Squirrels and rats have SO much in common: small, brown fur, long tail… the list goes on and on… yet rats are so HATED.

So why are they on opposite ends of the ‘adorable’ spectrum?

Is it because rats are associated with trash? Well that can’t be the sole reason. In my opinion, it’s all a matter of presentation. Take the Ratatouille character, Remy, for instance:

Wow! As adorable as an animal can ever get! And he’s a …rat..? You see, Remy was sketched and designed in such a way that makes him super cute and objectively adorable. Presentation = super important. Apple simply isn’t as cool anymore with Tim Cook onstage filling Steve Jobs’s void (it’s a fact). Catch the parallel?

And that’s why we focus so heavy on design here at Geekwhat Design. Yes, it sounds sales pitchy but design truly is a super important factor in whether your business ends up on the ‘rat’ or ‘squirrel’ side.

Let us help you become Ratatouille Remy :)

What are your thoughts on squirrels and rats?

Steve Jobs on Design, Life, and Inspiration – Full 60 Minutes Interview with Walter Isaacson

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As you may know, Walter Isaacson was interviewed on 60 Minutes last night about his three dozen interviews with Steve Jobs prior to his death. The book, Steve Jobs, comes out today. Below is the full interview split into various parts. My thoughts below, enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Steve Jobs Family photo album:

What did Steve Jobs say about his rivals?:


I found two particular inspiring points from this interview:

  • On being ‘chosen’ – Steve mentioned that he believes he was ‘chosen’. Whether it was due to his foster parents telling him this when he was young or for other reasons, I believe this mentality contributed largely to Steve’s success and confidence. It’s amazing how infectious confidence and belief in oneself can be when it comes to achieving goals.
  • Painting the backside of the fence – Isaacson mentioned that when Steve was a child, his foster dad had taught him to not only paint the front of the fence where people can see it — but to also be sure to paint the back of the fence. This was to be true to oneself in completing the entire job as opposed to doing a half-ass job. This principle is particularly evident in Apple products – beautiful internal engineering with impeccable exterior appeal. Or you can think of it as a song with deep, meaningful lyrics as well as a beautiful melody and beat.

In addition to these two points, there’s much more to absorb from these videos (and I’m sure from the book as well). These are just two inspiring points that hit home for me. I think we can all try to live life with confidence as if we were ‘chosen’ and to be sure to also paint the back of the fence in business or in personal life. Thank you Steve for all your contributions to this world.

What other lessons did you gain from the interview? Share!

Design Success Tips: Your Website Is Your 24/7 Sales Machine

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We are Geekwhat Design, a web design firm with these services based in New York City. ‘Design Success Tips’ is a series of tips and tricks to guide you towards success with design for your business. Check out all our articles here.

How is your website a.k.a. 24/7 sales machine doing?

Whether you like it or not, your website is your 24/7 Sales Executive.   Whenever we design a new website for our clients, we keep this principle in mind during the entire design process. It doesn’t matter what you sell, your website needs to represent your brand/image and present your business in the best light possible 24/7.

Similar to the traits of a real salesperson that represents your business, your website should at all times have these items covered:

  • Up to date — Whether through daily blogging or just periodic updates, your site should always look alive and updated. Nothing kills business more than a site with expired and useless info.
  • Networking tools — Social media sharing options such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus to allow visitors to share information on your website easily and quickly.
  • Call to action — Your website must serve a purpose (e.g. Sign up / Call us). Make it clear upon first impression.
  • Contact info — Should your visitor be the type that takes initiative, you must provide them a way to contact you immediately, whether it be via phone/email/address.
  • Memorable — The Internet is filled with millions (maybe billions) of pages. Your visitor should have some form of lasting impression after closing your website.

Any other traits to add to the list?