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We’re a seriously fun web design team located in New York City. If you want high quality design that yields positive results, you’re gonna love us.

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Geekwhat Design

41 Union Square West, Suite 701

New York NY 10003

#: 347-719-1530

e: pr@geekwhatdesign.com


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Welcome to Geekwhat Design. We are a web design studio located in New York City.  Our team consists of a fun/talented group of geeks that are experts in design and development for the web.  We are committed to providing fully customized web services for our clients that are both effective and can increase your bottom line.



Geekwhat Design was created by model and musician Tony Chung. Tony’s design experience dates back to his early childhood days using MacDraw, one of the first Macintosh design programs. Since then, he has been designing everything from company websites to marketing materials to iPhone app interfaces. Every so often, you can spot Tony in a Bloomingdales catalog or listen to his music on iTunes.

Our design and development team spans the entire world and consists of humble, down-to-earth geeks with a Steve-Jobs-esque passion for design and coding. We always look forward to working with new clients and taking on new challenges in previously uncharted territories.